VRX Europe


Hollywood met VR at VRX Europe.

In London my trip launched on a high note at VRX Europe, with an intimate Expo highlighting some gear teams and innovations, the 2 day event ran a rich program of panels and masterclasses – attended by some of the best minds and talent in the region, and execs looking to incorporate VR into their workflows and/or marketing.

I was asked to host one of the many highlights of the event – an in depth conversation with a VFX legend asking  ‘How virtual reality is impacting film‘…  In this session, Oscar winning visual effects guru Tim Webber, Chief Creative Officer, Framestore, who has been working with the Hollywood studios across VR & AR, talked about the current state of VR in film and the timeline he sees for the future. Drawing on his own experience on Gravity as a test bed for VR experience due to it’s immersive nature, we discussed whether it’s largely promotional tool at the moment which will transition to content and if so what sort of content that should be. How far away from full-scale feature length stories in VR he thinks we are… and if that’s even a realistic and desirable end-game?

The next day I was a panellist looking at ‘How VR will change the face of the film industry over the next decade

“As VR takes hold across the whole entertainment spectrum, film studios are having to adopt new ways of storytelling to make truly immersive virtual reality cinematic content. Experimentation is rife and some amazing content is already being produced, but challenges still abound and frankly everyone’s trying to work out what’s next.”

My fellow panellists sit at the cutting-edge of VR film and animation and together we looked at how the medium is going to hugely disrupt movie making – and watching – over the next decade.

Chaired by the very charming entrepreneur Josh Davies, CEO, HITFILM & FXHOME whose global business powers out of Norfolk (an area where incidentally my ancestors used to make shoes, next to the oldest patch of forest in England) – I was joined by Monika Bielskyte, Co-Founder and Creative Director, AFE – ALLFUTUREEVERYTHING, David Bomphrey, Director of Strategic Partnerships, EMEA,  Jaunt VR and Mária Rakušanová, Director of VR and New Media, Raindance Film Festival.

Mária is a powerhouse and exceptional advocate for Realities Creators, and I very much enjoyed teaming up with her at many of the events on this trip – as well as seeing her in her element hosting a series of VR Masterclasses for Raindance at the Century Club.


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