Screen Forever


I had the pleasure of attending Screen Forever – Australia’s Annual Screen Producer’s Conference in Melbourne after being invited to join a female lead Create NSW panel called VR: CREATING A NEW WORLD.

This session explored this new world of storytelling, information and entertainment; new ways of communicating and engaging audiences with the big ideas and issues of our time.

Chaired by Matilda Brown, I was joined by Rose Troche and Yumi Stynes, all were not just delightful, entertaining individuals but insightful and with a lot to offer. The Australian Creative Industries has gone all out to address gender imbalance  – especially in the screen industries. It’s really very positive in my eyes, although as a kid who played with code, I’d like to see more opportunities for girls to get their geek on.

We also exhibited the interactive version of Coral and I to many Australian Screen Producers experiencing VR for the first time.

The Conference itself was full of insights and networking opportunities, I started my career in International TV way back in cough, cough, what’s that over there…   And after some impromptu pitching experiences I definitely came away feeling Television feels a little like home. I guess that’s why I lean towards wanting to create VR experiences which integrate into Broadcast Audiences.

You can read more about the VR components of Screen Forever here.

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