J’aimee Skippon-Volke confirmed for VRX Europe 2017

Collective Reality’s J’aimee Skippon Volke has been selected to host an intimate discussion with Tim Webber, Chief Creative Officer at Framestore at the next VRX Europe in May.

J’aimee and Tim will be conversing on stage about how the Virtual Reality industry is impacting some of the large film releases that have come out and are due to be released.

Hollywood meets VR. How virtual reality is impacting film

In this session, Oscar winning visual effects guru Tim Webber, who has been working with the Hollywood studios across VR & AR, will talk about the current state of VR in film and the timeline he sees for the future. Drawing on his own experience on Gravity as a test bed for VR experience due to it’s immersive nature, he’ll discuss whether it’s largely promotional tool at the moment which will transition to content and if so what sort of content that should be. How far away from full-scale feature length stories in VR does he think we are… if that’s even a realistic and desirable end-game?

Tim Webber, Chief Creative Officer, Framestore in conversation with J’aimee Skippon-Volke, Festival Director / VFX Producer, Byron Bay Film Festival

For more information visit VRX Europe

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