Convergence 4 held in Event Cinema’s Flagship George Street HQ provided us with the opportunity to curate and exhibit Virtual Reality via 4 different HMD’s – Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Razer as well as Microsoft’s Hololens.

As well as presenting a great slate of Australian VR and MR Premieres, as the curator for and Director of the Byron Bay International Film Festival I brought together several sessions of outstanding tech related short films from across the world. Finding films with a non-dystopian outlook was a bit of a challenge but it was a sci-fi selection I was particularly proud of, my first foray into programming a whole festival in the genre… My personal favourite was a touching short film Beautiful Dreamer which asked us to examine the conflicts which tech-driven medical breakthroughs may bring…

Beautiful Dreamer Trailer from The Colony on Vimeo.

My partnership with BBFF’s Technical Director Osvaldo Alfaro/GreenhouseFX 3D|VR made this all possible.  Together with some fantastic volunteers from a selection of Sydney’s Uni’s we, at one stage, had over 30 stations running simultaneously – delivering world class content including the Australian Premieres of Kate McDonald’s Hue, Melissa Painter’s Heroes: A Duet in Mixed Reality, The Giant, The Melody of Dust  and Ethan Shaftel’s Extravaganza.

Take moment to check out some imagery and trailers for the films and experiences we shared…

MARS IV TRAILER from metronomic on Vimeo.

EXTRAVAGANZA – Trailer from Ethan Shaftel on Vimeo.

JULIET // TEASER – Movie by Marc-Henri Boulier from Insolence Productions on Vimeo.



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