I’ve been working with the Byron Bay Film Festival for over a decade, taking the helm in 2008. The festival has evolved so much over the years – we’ve got luxury cars and the attention of A-Listers… We provide a platform for important films, issues and the work of established filmmakers while kickstarting and supporting emerging filmmakers from Australia and around the world. And we’ve been introducing Filmmakers to VR since we got our DK1 kit over 4 years ago.

In 2016 we launched Co_Lab_Create – a VR Think Tank designed around creating a safe and supportive space for Realities Professionals to share their insight and skills – with the aim of creating better practice and a strong connected Australian Industry.

Co-Host Ben Richards from Cutting Edge

Ok, I’m biased but it’s a great event to be part of. It’s selective, you’re either invited or you apply to attend. What that allows us to do is to start the conversation high, no need to spell out simple concepts, and with so many people looking at VR like it’s a magical cash cow, what I wanted to do with Co_lab is help those who are already working in the field become more informed, more skilled and to apply a critical eye to their own work. And from that point our Industry has more to offer not just clients and ourselves but those stepping into the industry.

2018 will most likely incorporate an element where the filmmakers join in too, but not until we’ve finished our secret VR business 😉 We take an inclusive round-table approach and create strong on-going connections.

Redbull VR and Film Director Michael Oblowitz at Co_lab_Create 2017

Each year we are joined by some very special International guests. Our 2017 Keynote Speaker was VR Pioneer Stefan Grambart.

Stefan won the very first Emmy® for a VR project for Sleepy Hollow – Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media – User Experience and Visual Design.  He came to us through the support of the Canadian Consulate – and you can read more about his work and his time at BBFF here.

I found the photo below on-line and felt it fitting to include seeing as how BBFF is a favourite with the Gods of Asgard.

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