VR As The Tool Not The Medium

Inside Film Article

My most recent article for Inside Film explores the increasing use of, and creative potential of Virtual Reality and Game Engine technology across pre-visualisation, action production workflows and/or post-production.

While virtual reality (VR) as a story-telling entertainment medium is still finding its voice and audience – an increasing number of film projects are utilising VR  as a vital tool in the rapidly growing field of virtual production (VP). Once a production process only utilised through blockbuster budgets, real time/game engine technology – a key driver for interactive and virtual reality experience– is levelling the playing field and making VP accessible and increasingly widespread.

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XR at Film Festivals

The world’s top tier film festivals have in recent years been embraced – and in
some cases nurtured – virtual reality as it’s risen and evolved, indicating they recognise the opportunities the medium provides for screen practitioners and storytellers.

I enjoyed putting this piece together for Inside Film Magazine which outlines Australia’s XR footprint out into the global festival circuit.

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