Cannes 2017


This was my third trip to Cannes, but my first presenting content.

Our Australian Immersion session featured some of Australia’s strongest recent 360 pieces including an early incarnation of Coral and I:

The session and content were well received, and our encore screening had the strongest demand of the theatre program. We were in great company.

The buzz was strong for Lytro‘s Hallelujah – well deserved too. Once again Penrose Studio‘s pushed the boundaries with Arden’s Wake: The Prologue – and MannD‘s Separate Silences, incorporating live actors, and 2 characters embodied by 2 viewers, provided  a very unique hybrid experience which will no doubt find greater adoption by VR creators in the near future.

Once again the Italians impressed me, and anyone-else visiting their HQ with an amazing mirrored cinematic installation celebration.

On a personal note it was great to reconnect with Mária from Raindance, spend some quality time with ProxiVR‘s Harrison Norris (stunt man extraordinaire, and one of Australia’s strongest 360 talents – director of the Suicide Squad‘s 360 Experience) and meet VR DaysBarbara Lippe.

Cannes provided me the opportunity to reconnect with 3 of our BBFF interns – Theo, Alex and Max (below). As a result of his 2016 placement with us Max is now planning to work in VR when he finishes his studies at the Université Paris-Dauphine.


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