ArtState is a touring annual event celebrating the vitality and creativity of NSW regional artists which blends together theatre, music, dance, film and visual arts and brings together practitioners from all of those mediums in order to learn from each-other.

About 40km inland from Byron Bay lies Lismore, an old farming town which has re-invented itself time and time again – bolstered by the diversity and energy that University students and Australia’s largest regional LGBTQI community bring to the table.

Lismore played host to the inaugural ArtState and my partner Osvaldo C. Alfaro and I were asked by Screenworks to present a Masterclass which was entitled: Putting Virtual Reality in Arts Practice.

Whilst Osvaldo (Ossie) and I collaborate more often than a partnered couple should perhaps – it’s not often that he shares the stage with me. Targeted at novices to the medium we started – whereas but at the beginning – of immersive media, the subsequent evolution and the options and opportunities now available to creatives.

Neither of us are particularly fond of the images of us so here instead is an image of Lismore’s main streets underwater 6 months prior (courtesy of the Northern Star).

Since flood records began in 1870 there have been 30 major floods over 9.7 metres… Truly a immersive town.

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