Ars Electronica


En route to Red Bull Media in Strasbourg, I had some meetings in Linz and was given a personal tour of Ars Electronica – somewhere that had been on my bucket list for quite a few years. 

It’s an amazing resource, absolutely inspirational – pioneering digital arts and innovation for decades. They hold residencies which provide unique opportunities for those lucky enough to be selected.

The centre is built around a balanced synergy of education and art and technical innovation that is financed by business enterprise – which means some of their most interesting inventions and creations are then owned by the big business which financed the research and experimentation.

Deep Space 8K – a 16 by 9 meters wall and 16 by 9 meters floor projection was mind-blowing, giving me entirely new aspirations – and with a VR Lab planned to open in the near future – in the words of Austria’s most famous export – ‘I’ll be back’…

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