All Things AI

That’s not the best photo of either of us – but I was chuffed to be able to add Sophia to my Wall of Fame. I left Australia with a mission to really get to grips with where AI sat in reality – both virtual and the state of play – in that I know most peoples’ perceptions of what AI is, is actually worlds away from 2018.

In the process I broke Sophia during conversation with my infamous ‘J’aimee Logic’ and have decided that when it comes to character-driven AI – Gaming and Chatbots are King (or rather non-gender specific royalty)…

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Changing Channels – Amsterdam


I met the Poster Boy for this year’s VRX Paul Mowbray – Director of NSC Creative at the 2017 edition of VRX Europe in London. Together with the very talented and immaculately groomed Aaron Bradbury – amazing projects are created for VR and Full Dome – all while balancing turning everyone onto space…

Unfortunately Paul and Aaron weren’t in Amsterdam for VRX Europe 2018 but a whole heap of other creative, interesting and innovative folk were…

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I’ve been working with the Byron Bay Film Festival for over a decade, taking the helm in 2008. The festival has evolved so much over the years – we’ve got luxury cars and the attention of A-Listers… We provide a platform for important films, issues and the work of established filmmakers while kickstarting and supporting emerging filmmakers from Australia and around the world. And we’ve been introducing Filmmakers to VR since we got our DK1 kit over 4 years ago.

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