Founded by J’aimee Skippon-Volke Collective Reality’s focus is virtual reality curation and production – working to showcase & develop meaningful projects which use new and emerging technology to share a human experience.

INNOVATION CONSULTATION: Whether you’re looking to expand your creative or business offerings we can work with you and your team to investigate the latest tools in technical and creative innovation to take your projects to their full potential.

CREATION: Collective Reality partners with some of the world’s best VR Talent & has a slate of VR projects in various stages of development – primarily room-scale and interactive.

We provide VR services – bringing together the team you need to design, capture and/or create the immersive experience you need – whether 360, room-scale or fully interactive – for any platform.

CURATION: We curate and activate large scale VR exhibitions/sessions for both our own events (the Byron Bay international Film Festival) and other festivals, conferences and events. We’re open to working on a smaller scale too, providing just a station or two where needed…

TRAINING SOLUTIONS: People learn by doing. Studies show 30% of information is retained through watching a demonstration but that figure rises to 75% when training is physically practiced. VR provides immersive learning experiences where real work places and situations can be reacted and participants can experience simulations including intricate processes and dangerous OH&S protocols in safe environments.

SALES SOLUTIONS: We’re able to help you transport a client or customer deep into experiencing your product from anywhere in the world.  We can utilise Virtual Production techniques to create unique marketing materials and help you optimise the impact and reach of your websites and digital marketing assets.

The only limit is your imagine – and your budget but we’re here to help you maximise them both.